Call closed

Dear Applicants, thank you very much for your project proposals! The first Call for standard projects is now closed. Next step is project assessment. We will keep you posted on the progress. Yours, the Joint Secretariat.

WARNING: As stated on page 47 of the Applicants Manual, answers to questions related to the call will not be provided shortly before closure. Please check the last release of the FAQ published on 23 May 2017.  Please check all answers provided.

We kindly remind you to carefully follow the eMS User Manual, while filling in the data of your proposal in the different sections of the platform. Therefore please avoid to skip budget sections (e.g. always define periods before budget items), otherwise technical problems in closing the projects may occur. Please feel free to contact us only in case of real misfunctioning of the eMS platform. Please DO NOT PANIC and thanks for your cooperation.

Posted on 30 maggio 2017